Cascabel Working Group
A grassroots organization concerned with the cultural and ecological integrity of the lower/middle San Pedro Valley
CWG's SunZia presentation (done by Bob Evans) , made to the CWA (Community Watershed Alliance), August 14th, 2012--------

The Lower San Pedro and Aravaipa: Worthy of Protection
Includes project history (i.e., dirty energy from the Bowie gas plant), infrastructure details, routing, and a list of issues to consider about the nature and impact of this undesirable proposal.

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here for a pdf version of the presentation.

Proposed SunZia route SPRV crossing:

Here is a higher resolution pdf version of the crossing.

SPRV Conservation

Click on the image below for a detailed pdf showing the variety and scope of current conservation work.

Cascabel Cliffs

Segment C276 [see our maps page] of the proposed Sunzia transmission line routes would cross the San Pedro River in Cascabel, defacing a spectacular set of cliffs and badlands, and bisecting a large area of mesquite bosque and acacia scrub that is valuable wildlife habitat. The slide presentation below makes a case for the preservation of the Cascabel Cliffs.

Cascabel Cliffs (10.3Mb)

Here is a link to a pdf version.

Jan 13th Meeting Presentations

Presentations made by Paul Green of Audubon - presentation display
and Tom Collazo of the Nature Conservancy - presentation display

Paul Green

Tom Collazo

Cascabel Working Group's powerpoint presentation (3.46 MB in size)
and presentations done by some of our own members

David Omick

Jacquie Dale

Chet Phillips 1/2

Chet Phillips 2/2