Cascabel Working Group
A grassroots organization concerned with the cultural and ecological integrity of the lower/middle San Pedro Valley
How You Can Help

1. Donations - Money or Time

The Cascabel Working Group needs donations and volunteers to oppose the transmission lines.

Although we are an all-volunteer organization, we still need money for things like mailing fliers, printing signs and displays, and sending representatives to meetings with governmental and environmental organizations.

You can donate through paypal clicking on the Donate button on the 'About CWG' menu.

We appreciate any donations you can make. With your help, we will stop this transmission line from coming through our beautiful valley!

2. Write, Discuss, Share

Join us in voicing civil but determined opposition to this project route through the San Pedro Valley!
  • submit written comments to the BLM [Note: the official public comment period ended in June of 2010, but the BLM has unofficially told us that they will continue to accept written comments.]
  • write your congressional representatives and county supervisors
  • talk with your friends, write letters to the editor

3. Become a CWG Member

If you would like to become a member of CWG, you may become one simply by passing on your name and $1 to any CWG board member (Daniel Baker, Bob Evans, Anna Lands, Pearl Mast, Mick Meader, Chet Phillips, and Ralph Waldt).

4. Keep Informed

Keep visiting our webpage for current news. Join our Yahoo Group, or for those of you on Facebook, join our Facebook group.